Metal can fix anything...

The Mason Jar Handle was invented by a family, strung together through blood, marriage, and a common desire to build.

When you’ve been in the metal sculpture business for two generations, all of the world’s problems can be solved with some stainless steel, a welding machine, and a little bit of old-school know-how. 

As sweet tea drinkin', whiskey sippin', preserve canning folks who'll find any conventional (or unconventional) use for a mason jar, this family set out to divine a way they could keep their hands from getting wet with condensation, or hot from a warm drink, every time they served beverages from this iconic piece of glassware.  Better yet, was it possible to give the vessel some originality and distinction? 

full set.jpg

Countless conceptions

We built and tested every design we could think of in the metal shop, but ultimately, one design towered over the others.

The Mason Jar Handle was born.



Our shop is headquartered in Tulsa, OK, where we hand-finish our handles, and pack them up to send them to you.  Whether you want one handle, a collection of them, or a custom series for an event, we know you’ll be happy with your purchase.